“I’m going back to the start”

My father passed on his love of music to me, which I am ever so grateful for, because at a very young age I was exposed to some of the most amazing music ever made. He always had classical music playing for me while I slept in my crib, and I truly believe that this simple act has benefitted me greatly in my emotional and creative development. Not to mention he helped me develop my love for some of the greatest artists I believe to be out there; U2, Coldplay, Stereophonics. I know some people may have never heard of Stereophonics, and they are no longer as big, as Coldplay and U2 still are. But every time I hear one of their songs that is recognizable to me, I just feel happy inside, and the nostalgia of those good old days as a young child going on road trips with my dad, comes flooding through my memory. How I know all of this has benefitted me greatly, is because throughout my childhood I have played many musical instruments; Tin-whistle(Like every other primary school child in Ireland, more than likely), Cello, Violin, Piano, and Singing. I loved all of these instruments, but the two that I have stuck to with a great passion is signing and the piano. I do also give credit to my mom for my passion for the piano, as she did, and still does pay for my lessons!

My mother passed on her love of art to me. From as long as I can remember, My mom had always provided me with the tools and supplies that I needed to create anything I wanted to. I had this life-size kids easel that had a chalkboard on one side, and on the other side you could clip on your A3 pages and paint or colour anything you wanted. We would take turns with each side, making our own masterpieces, either with chalk or paint. My mom would be creating a chalky beach, while I would be painting a sun with a smiley face. I would mostly paint and draw pictures with colours, and my creations were hung around the house because my mother was so proud of everything I did. I got so motivated that I would enter competitions whenever I saw the chance. One year I won an art set from Supervalu because I had the best coloured in Halloween picture out of everyone! This passion was then pursued when I went to secondary school, as I had chosen it for my full six years there. My art teacher helped me to hold onto this passion that I had, and I swore when I left that I would keep it alive. I have a lot of diverse hobbies and interests for a nineteen-year old girl, and picking one for my blog was a tough call, but I stuck to that promise I made to myself and chose art.


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